Traviata Laminate Flooring – Tru-Wood AC4/32


  • Traviata Tru-Wood is a beautiful NEW product supplied with an In Register Emboss surface.
  • This special surface creates an incredibly authentic woodgrain effect. The embossing on the surface of the panel follows the design of the décor (colour) sheet. As far as laminates go, this would be considered the most realistic/true to nature as you can get
  • The manufacturer, Sonae Industria, is one of the world’s largest wood panel producing companies and has been operating for 55+ years.
  • All components of the flooring are produced in house. Therefore a superior quality product is available at a very competitive price.
  • Sonae Industria is a member of the European Producers of Laminate Flooring (EPLF) All products are regularly tested to the highest international standards.
  • All edges have been treated with paraffin wax to reduce the possibility of moisture damage.
  • Exact colour match profiles and skirtings are available for all decors.
  • Traviata Tru-Wood AC4/32 is suitable for heavy domestic and moderate commercial use.
  • A comprehensive 18 year domestic /3 year commercial GUARANTEE is offered with the product. Ask your salesperson to explain the difference between a guarantee and a warranty.
  • Traviata Tru-Wood AC4/32 is recognized by the South African Wood and Laminate Flooring Association


  • Grade: AC4/32
  • Warranty: 18 year domestic/3 year commercial
  • Core: High Density Fibreboard
  • Panel Size: 1297 x 190 x 8mm
  • Box Size: 2.21m2


Tru-Wood AC4/32 Flooring – simply Sensational!

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