Traviata Laminate Flooring – Supreme AC4


  • The Traviata Supreme AC4 and Supreme Natural AC4 ranges offer exceptional value for money.
  • This product has been sold in South Africa for over a decade and was one of the first laminate floors ever available.
  • The manufacturer, Sonae Industria, is one of the world’s largest wood panel producing companies and has been operating for 55+ years.
  • All components of the flooring are produced in house. Therefore a superior quality product is available at a very competitive price.
  • Sonae Industria is a member of the European Producers of Laminate Flooring (EPLF) All products are regularly tested to the highest international standards.
  • All edges have been treated with paraffin wax to reduce the possibility of moisture damage.
  • Exact colour match profiles and skirtings are available for all decors.
  • Traviata Supreme AC4/32 V Groove is suitable for heavy domestic and moderate commercial use.
  • A comprehensive 18 year domestic /3 year commercial GUARANTEE is offered with the product. Ask your salesperson to explain the difference between a guarantee and a warranty.
  • Traviata Supreme A4/32 is recognized by the South African Wood and Laminate Flooring Association


  • Grade: AC4/32
  • Warranty: 18 year domestic/3 year commercial
  • Core: High Density Fibreboard
  • Panel Size: 1197 x 190 x 8mm
  • Box Size: 2.05m2



Supreme AC4 Flooring – simply Sensational!

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