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Traviata Wood Flooring – Natural Wood Veneer Flooring is proud to introduce a fantastic new addition to our range of flooring products. PAR-KY flooring is a product of the Decospan group(Belgium), European market leader in veneer processing. Many years of experience and focus on innovation contribute to the quality and the reliability of PAR-KY products.

PAR-KY is a veneer flooring with a top layer of real wood, distinguishing it from laminate floors, which use photographic prints. With PAR-KY , you actually see and feel real wood. Just like a fingerprint, no two trees are identical. Each veneer flooring panel is absolutely unique..

The middle layer consists of a strong HDF core, with a Uniclic locking system. This makes PAR-KY as easy to install as a laminate floor. 8 x layers of a special laquer called Dia-Pro Diamond Laquer System are used to protect the surface of the panel. The end result — The beauty of real wood, the performance of a laminate — No Exotic Prices.

Ecological and Sustainable Wooden Flooring

  • For the production of PAR-KY veneer flooring, we need up to 25 times less wood than for solid flooring. With one m3 of wood, we can produce 700 to 1000 m of PAR-KY flooring.In comparison: solid wood with a thickness of 15 mm would result in a yield of 40 m of flooring.
  • All PAR-KY veneer floors are finished with an environmentally friendly, hardened lacquer with nearly zero volatile organic substance emissions(VOC’s). The veneer flooring is covered with an antibacterial layer called “Ultrafresh”, which makes it impossible for bacteria to house in the grooves.
  • The “Pure Wood” charter is of great importance to the PAR-KY collection. In this charter we demand that each of our suppliers help protect forests worldwide and that our wood originates from well-managed forests.




Natural Wood Veneer Flooring – simply Sensational!

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