Carpets Facts – Sensational Blinds and Flooring

Some Quick Carpets Facts

  1. Carpets are more affordable than you think.
  2. We can carpet an average home ±100m² in one day. No mess. No fuss.
  3. Carpets are all eco-washed & scotch guarded (or similar) at manufacturing, giving you added benefits.
  4. Most carpets are stain-proof – 50% household bleach & water solution will remove nearly any stain without discolouring your carpet.
  5. Carpets have between a 5 year & 15 year wear resistance guarantee & defects guarantee.
  6. Carpets have orthopedic benefits, provided by the soft cushion of carpets & underlay.
  7. Carpets are a great insulator & will reduce your heating bill in winter.
  8. Carpeting has great acoustic features, helping you to enjoy spaces with minimum distraction.
  9. The average person replaces their carpets every 10 years, as opposed to laminate wood flooring, where customers replace their floor every 8 years.
  10. 90% of all carpets in South Africa are locally manufactured.