Making the right carpet choice ..

Belgotex Carpets

Here is a great guide to choosing your flooring from Beglotex…

Q1 – Which room do you wish to make over?
(A) Lounge
(B) Dining
(C) Bedroom
(D) Kitchen

Q2 – Which of these four aspects is most
important for that room?
(A) Style & comfort
(B) Ambience & sound
(C) Safety & Care
(D) Convenience & maintenance

Q3 – How would you describe the pace of
your lifestyle?
(A) Manageable
(B) Frantic
(C) Relaxed
(D) Very Busy

Q4 – How important to you is luxury in that room?
(A) Very important
(B) Important
(C) Not so important
(D) Not important at all

Q5 – How important is the cost of the flooring?
(A) Very important
(B) Important
(C) Not so important
(D) Not important at all

Now add up the points according to the table below:

Q1  1  2  3  4
Q2  2  3  1  4
Q3  3  4  2  1
Q4  1  3  2  4
Q5  4  3  2  1

Mostly 1’s – Cut-Pile Carpets

Cut-pile carpets are perfect for bedrooms or lounges where comfort and luxury is paramount. Their deep, thick pile adds super-soft comfort underfoot with a plush texture that oozes sophisticated indulgence while insulating against cold. They also absorb sound, adding peace and tranquility and improving the acoustics of a room. They’re also perfect for home theatre systems, kids bedrooms or studies where you want peace and quiet. Be sure to select the correct grading for the amount of intended traffic in that area. A quality underfelt or carpet cushion will increase the underfoot comfort of your carpet and help prevent wear.

Mostly 2’s – Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Belgotex Vinyl’s luxury vinyl tiles are vinyl planks laid side by side to recreate the warm, natural look of real wood without the noise, durability or cleaning concerns. Perfect for dining areas, hallways lounges and even slick, sophisticated bedrooms, their smooth, sleek surface is totally waterproof and easy to clean, giving you all of the luxury without the labour! An attractive, affordable alternative to hardfloorings such as laminate or tiles – they absorb sound better, and are warmer than tiles.

Mostly 3’s – Loop Pile Carpets

Ideal for high traffic areas, Belgotex Carpets’ loop pile carpets add warmth and durable good looks for hallways, TV rooms, studies and stairs in busy households. They offer both comfort and convenience, with practical, pebbly loop textures disguising everyday dirt and soiling until the next vacuuming, whilst simultaneously being comfortable and warm enough to sit on. Belgotex Carpets’ modern hi-tech yarns such as Stainproof Miracle Fibre, guarantee peace of mind against inevitable stains or marks.

Mostly 4’s – Cushioned Vinyl

If smooth, fashionable surfaces and convenience are key, then Belgotex Vinyl’s affordable cushioned vinyl ranges such as Woodmark or Luna are ideal for you. Water-resistant and insulating with a comfortable soft feel underfoot, cushioned vinyl is a practical, hygienic solution for kitchens, bathrooms or living rooms. Recommended for young families or frantic professionals with no time to waste, it’s available in various popular faux wood colours and finishes, hygienic, scratchresistant with a protective wear layer that’s slip-proof too.