Advantages of Wooden Venetian Blinds

Of all the types of window treatments available, wooden Venetian blinds are some of the most impressive. These were also some of the original models available. While wooden Venetian blinds are a great choice for many rooms, they may not be the perfect choice for all consumers. Here are some advantages and disadvantages to choosing wooden Venetian blinds.

Why to Consider Wooden Venetian Blinds

The best reason is their look. Because of the rich beauty of the wooden slats, they add an elegance and luxuriousness to almost any room. The wood itself is available in a wide range of colors which means it can match almost any furniture or hard wood floor choice. You can also pick lighter or darker woods depending on the feeling you want in the room.

Also, wooden Venetian blinds are a great choice because they are truly unique and natural. If you’re tired of the overly commercialized perfection in most window treatments, you’ll love that no two slats are going to be identical. As in nature, nothing is identical. Although the slats come from the same wooden pieces, that’s no guarantee that the colour or design of the slats in your wooden Venetian blinds will be identical.

Reasons Not to Consider Wooden Venetian Blinds

The biggest reason not to consider choosing wooden Venetian blinds is the price. Generally, this type is the most expensive of all the blinds available. You want to pay more for the highest quality product available. However, if your budget is limited you might want to look at alternatives first.

Another reason is that wooden Venetian blinds can be a challenge to keep clean and to keep safe. Although trees don’t seem to have much durability trouble, wooden Venetian blinds have a tendency to be damaged a little easier than some of the alternatives on the market.

Alternatives to Wooden Venetian Blinds

The good news is you don’t necessarily need to invest in wooden Venetian blinds to get the look you want, aluminium blinds are a great alternative.

If You Choose Wooden Venetian Blinds

Remember if you do decide to choose the real wooden Venetian blinds, you’ll definitely be making a powerful and beautiful statement in any room in your house. No one will be able to ignore these window treatments and that’s one of the biggest reasons people choose them for their homes, despite some of the minor disadvantages.

Consider having wooden made to measure treatments created for your windows instead of trying to purchase them ready made. You’ll get better fitting results and that’s definitely important. And keep in mind that you’ll to take excellent care of them so they’ll last as long as possible.